About e-orman

We have over thirty years of experience in providing top level management and consultancy services in investment, contracting, management areas. We have supplied different companies the ability to increase productivity, broaden business volume and establish their position in the sector by offering high quality products and services. We have offered enterprises to establish their strategic unity, to realise the right investments and contracts, by training and motivating the teams for definite success.

With our foresight we made the final results to be in line with budgets. We have realised management, investment and finance of international projects.

We have realised import, export, contracting activities in countries such as Iran, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, UAE, Tunisia, Algeria, Marocco, PR of China, Kuwait, Iraq, Italy, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria, France, Belgium, UK, USA, Israel, Romania, Hungary, Finland, Ex Yugoslavia, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Cameroon, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Malaysia, Singapore.