Engineering, Research & Development and Design Works, Feasability Reports Plan and Project Preparation and Implementation, Report Preparation, Fields Permits

Forest Engineering and Management 

*Get the permits for, plan, prepare projects, manage, develop, improve; thermal, hydroelectric, wind, nuclear power plants, energy,water, gas and oil transfer pipelines, base stations, fish and wild animal breeding facilities, recreation areas and facilities, mineral exploration areas and facilities; working on EIA (environmental impact assessment) Reports and environmental permit and licence.

*Prepare feasibility reports, plans, projects and studies related with implementation, to investments in afforestation, private and urban forests, forest management, in-forest facilities and on the implementation of work to do.

*Plan and implement construction, infrastructure, road, network.

*Cadastral studies related with pastures, land and rural areas, application to maps and sattelite images; border setting; studies related with 2b lands.

*Determine the wealth and inventory of domestic and foreign forests according to diversity of flora, by field works aerial photography and sattelite images of domestic and foreign forests.

*Offer services in private, urban forests management; identification of the flora; surveying, afforestation,l andscaping; development plans; presevation and improvement of existing flora and fauna.

*Apply unit time analysis related with forest management; studies on technical, biological, ecological, economical, cultural, environmental issues; design and develop issues such as machinery, equipment, product output. 

*Biomass, plant and maintenance of energy forests,

*Erosion control, flood and avalanche control, watershed management, integrated watershed rehabilitation and rural development, planning, design and implementation works.   

*Establishment biosphere reserves, planning ecosystems of forest, forest biotope areas, management and conservation forest trees, shrubs and flora with genes.

*Surveys, inventory, planning and project works and development plans of water resources in the forest.

*Distinguished, inventory and regulation of national parks, forest recreation and recreation areas and recreation areas identified in the forest, recreation administration and management, long-term developments projects, building survey plans of located trees.

*Inventory work with forest ecosystems with a direct or indirect habitat connection with wild animals in relation to the hunting, planning of conservation areas and reserves space; discriminate, planning should resort management do their jobs.


Forest Industry Engineering and Wood Processing Industry Engineering 

*Prepare and design feasibility reports  for forest and wood processing management; raw material, semi-finished, finished products industries; furniture manufacturing facilities for the domestic and foreign markets. 

*Turn-key setup of machinery and equipment, settlement plans and operate start-up production. 

*Determine capacities; procure inputs and processing materials from domestic and foreign markets; marketing the products; temporary operation and management; defiency management and rehabilitation of these facilities. 

*Apply unit time analysis and  studies on technical economical subjects, cultural, environmental and similar issues; plan and design projects on machinery, equipment and output issues. 

*Plan the manufacturing processes for wood, metal, leather, stone equipped furniture and accessory such as, impregnated siding, hardwood, woodworking, door, kitchen cupboards; make studies on production flow, cost analysis, quality control and classification, productivity, capacity, R&D,design;f or each phase. 

*Produce ergonomic and aesthetic designs and plan serial production processes for furnitures. 

*Works and operations on local in any country and international Standarts classifications, volume methods, sizing of roundlogs, timbers, veneers, chipboards, osb, mdf, plywoods, foreign trade international products, solving any demands under the view of Union Tropical Timbers Association. 

*Provide expert opinion for all kinds of wood processing machinery; project designs for setting; project designs for wood drying kilns. 

*Provide international and local market price and secondhand price information for all wood, wood based products and wood processing machinery, equipment and instruments. 

*Provide and surveys, internal design and decoration projects of satellite towns, 5 stars hotels, resorts, business centers, offices; studies, approval and controls of available projects.

*Make kind and sizing evaluation and computation according to place of use; and static, isolation, technical and aesthetic evaluation according to the manufacturing technique for all wood products used in the construction sector. 

*Calculate the static, technical and aesthetic values of wood products used in building boats. 

*Provide information on available global technologies, R&D practices on the manufacture of furniture, accessories and the like wood products. 

*Provide any report to individuals and organisations, on forest management, forest and wood processing industries. 


Landscape Architecture 

*Provide environment friendly and aesthetic project design and implementation forsattelite towns, 5 star hotels, holiday resorts, large size constructions, recreation facilities, urban forests, parks and gardens, placement of urban furniture.